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madness & greatness { viserys targaryen }


the third of his name; a brother lost
...the rains they come under dark blackened skies and they wither my heart despite all i try. as much as i love her, she don’t understand that the ways of the world ain’t always kind and the weight of the world is a burden at times.

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4 comments on madness & greatness { viserys targaryen }

Nice job! I don't usually enjoy indie asoiaf fan mixes, but you can see this had some thought put into it. It's very beautiful! I really think Viserys is an over-hated character. Nobody likes him, but just like all other George RR Martin's characters, you can totally understand why he is the way he is. I mean he was sent away when he was only a baby because his father, the rightful king was slaughtered (doesn't matter if it was the good thing for the kingdom, for Viserys it was still his father), his brother died too and he was raised by strangers in a strange world. And then when he and Dany grew up he had to go from city to city in order to beg for support, that's how he earned the "Beggar King" name. He had a very sad life, so there's no wonder he became so blinded by wanting power and revenge.

As someone who got involved with ASOIAF just to roleplay Viserys (I have friends who play Jorah and Dany and thought I'd appreciate him/do him well) I gotta say, thumbs up. This is perfect, simply astounding, totally makes writing him flow so easily. I just put it on and it's so helpful! And you've introduced me to some new music that I really like, so thank you and good job all around!