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O n i g i r i

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Just one note if you decide to update. Sanchou Youyou is actually called Midori Youyou, the person who wrote this title read the kanji wrong.

I thought I'd heard every cover of these songs as some of them are really popular, but you had a lot of stuff I've never heard in here. Also the singers you chose were perfect!! Amazing mix!!

OHHHH MY GOD!!!!! I LOVE THIS PLAYLIST SO MUCH!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Okay, like, I just love this mix of traditional Japanese instruments and pop songs and now there's an entire playlist dedicated to it oh my god thank you so much!!! Also omg the cover art is Hakutaku bless your soul

Omg no problem, I didn't think there would be very many others who like traditional Japanese instruments + pop combo *o*!! (To be honest I don't even know what to call it LOL) If I find more songs I'll definitely update this playlist! :D