Is this playlist safe for work?


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So I finally made my way back to this playlist - and low and behold I was able to listen to it all this time. Thank god for that because it was like coming home! Sad and ethereal and contemplative, it's everything a Pisces could want ;)

Gosh I fell in love with the first two songs, but this bug is so dumb ;_; (sob) I hope I can listen to the playlist one day.

Unfortunately, the only-playing-two-songs problem is happening with me as well. But so far, this playlist is so Pisces it's not even funny! Us mermaid-fishy-pisces people can be misunderstood creatures, so it's extremely comforting to think that someone out there understands us, especially in the form of music! xx

This is a lovely start to a mix, but 8tracks will only let me listen to 2 tracks :( Hopefully this is just an 8tracks blip, but thought you might like to know in case something can be done!

@lucyforeversherlocked I'm getting the same problem, this happened to one of my playlists once and all I had to do was delete the songs from the playlist and re-add them. Hope this helps :)

I'm a pisces and why does this feel like me??? I can't tell if this song actually feels like me or if because "Pisces" is slapped on it, I make myself think it feels like me!