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Roads to Hell: A Felix Castor FST


Mike Carey's Felix Castor Novels are Mike Carey saying "I miss writting Hellblazer. I'll write my own Hellblazer and it will be like the Dresden Files with Less Magic and The Southern Vampire Mysteries with Less Romance!" is every bit as awesome as you think it it.

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Cool! By the way, since you mentioned Hellblazer, I'm 2/3 of the way through playlisting the entire comic series. It just so happens I am compiling Mike Carey's lists, 4 of which are complete. But when I would enter "Mike Carey" into the tags, there were two more mixes than I had done. I figured out it was YOU what done the other TWO. This and Lucifer are fine Mike Carey mixes. He should know these exist. He'd dig it.