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A fanmix about Benjamin Alire Sáenz's Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe.
The title of this mix is taken from a song that I eventually decided not to use, but thought it applied very much to the book anyway.

10 tracks
2 comments on Love Is No Big Truth

I retract my statement. "Saturn," by Sleeping at Last, also known as the Ultimate Aridante Song, is not on here. So this mix is not perfect at all. Go add it. Now. Shame on you, Sarah.

@crystalwanghy-4 I'm sorry for making this playlist before I'd discovered Sleeping At Last DDD= you are so right though, I bow down to your authority. AND YES. PLEASE TALK TO ME ABOUT THIS BOOK ALL DAY. I reread it this past winter break and I AM READY