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[ ] Ja. [X] Wein. [ ] Vielleicht.

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Twelve Tracks including music by Haiku Salut, RQTN and Brian Crain +++ Picture by Clemens Fantur -

  • la boîte à musique by Rhian sheehan
  • Inside Its Cloak the Ocean Tide Held Songs of Restless Beasts by Aural Method
  • Haiku Salut, "Los Elefantes" by hdif
  • Outside In Here (Peter Broderick Cover) by Heather Woods Broderick
  • Long Enough by RQTN
  • At The Ivy Gate by Brian Crain
  • ICA by Saltland
  • Parallels (Tacit remix) [GRTGRY001] by Zaika
  • Don't Get Any Closer by Eluvium
  • La boite à musique by Caroline Boittier
  • Three Weeks by RQTN
  • I know it's true [GRTGRY001] by Tacit.
12 tracks
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WOW! Iam really happy and impressed about all the nice words and all the likes! This mix is 1 1/2 years old and i still now what i felt this time. I had a little crush about a nice girl and it didn´t work out. But hey, i had this amazing artists and their beautiful music. So, everything is fine! :) THANKS FOR LISTENING! Norman

Fantastic :)
Everyone on here wishes they had the ability to put such awesome playlists together! This is perfect for studying, so many playlists have really "fast" classical songs that make it hard to concentrate. Everything is easy and melodic. Good Job!