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Tomorrow Will Be Better, I Promise.

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Fourtheen tracks including music by eXcess, Ed Tullett and SOHN. +++ Picture by Dominik Tarabanski -

  • Coma White (Marilyn Manson) by Kim Guy
  • Haunted by Dysposium
  • Tomorrow will be better, I promise (Need a Name Remix) by Exist Strategy
  • We Can't Go Wrong by Union Of Knives
  • Still (Bonus track) by Rhian Sheehan
  • Almost Doesn't Count (Skit Remix) by Brandy
  • Love by eXcess
  • 2804 Mecca:83 + Question by QSTN
  • Can't Get Enough by Yeah Boy
  • Oxblood by Ed Tullett
  • To The End by Woman's Hour
  • Пробуждение к любви by Misha Mishenko
12 tracks
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