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Fun. Upbeat. On Repeat


Some of my favorite indie & pop tracks to listen to while driving around or grinding away at work :)

❤ the mix if you enjoy it and follow my 8tracks page for future mixes!

30 tracks
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I know I have asked before but you should really consider helping out with the website we have going on. I just saw your tumblr and our site is like that but with no limits with what you can do. I think you'd be a great addition. BTW smallpools has some sick upbeat indie.

Well I am familiar with your contributor "steambeam" but none of the others. What is your website intended for? What genres does your group delve into? What exactly do your contributors do for the website?

I'd like a little more information before I look into it further. Thank you for the offer though.

https://www. facebook . com / Goodmusicincnet
Sorry had to add spaces bc of this new update. Message me on this and lets talk. Ill sparknotes it now for you, basically you just post songs that you like on the site and playlists you make. We can go into more detail though