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Exquisite Trance Melodies & Vocals


I've gathered here some of my old and recent favorites. Mostly trance. Any spare moment you have is a good one to give it a listen. I uploaded these with one purpose only, to share my love of beautiful & soothing vocals. I did insert some amazing instrumentals here and there. Trance is for the dreamers, so close your eyes, sit back and enjoy!

"We drift deeper into the sound..."

Check out Vol.2! http://8tracks.com/sirard/exquisite-trance-melodies-vocals-vol-2

44 tracks
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Exquisite, long lasting, progressive house and trance! thank you for a great selection man!

They say there is a fine line between progressive trance and progressive house. I like progressive house to study and everyday uplifting and empowering strolls, in fact one of my favorites in the electronic music genre. In this playlist I can listen to that fine line vibrating and am appreciating it, enjoying it big time, you have now introduced me to progressive trance! Thanx again! good stuff!

One of the best I have heard, very good mix of the genre....good job...I love the fact its 4 plus hours...I just set and get to work....