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the time of love has extinguished real time


Madoka. My only friend. I don't care, because if it's for you, I'll stay trapped in this endless maze. Forever.

My confession is acknowledged between the palms of my hands...my confession cannot revive her. It's been such a long road. No wonder: the drudgery has extinguished her love, the same love that revived me. How absurd. I wonder if she feels it. Can she feel at all how much I love her? Until now she's been fighting for me, now I have to fight for her. I've been fighting for her, too, and against myself, I suffered so that for one moment I could reach her, her, who is not me. The time that ceased, and fought against itself. This is how time is returned. It has been returned with love, which is identical with her nameable, real being.
— Love, Péter Nádas


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I see. Well then, I suppose one day, you will also be my enemy. But that's fine, I don't care. I'll keep wishing for a world where you can be happy. I knew it, they always did look better on you.