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Dreaming and loving

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Enjoy our playlist. Here is one line from each song.
Dean Martin- “When you walk in a dream, But you know, you're not dreaming signore, Scusa me, but you see, Back in old Napoli, that's amore”

Birdy- “when the sun comes through your window, I like to believe you've been dreaming of me”

Belle and Sebastian “I’m glad to see you, I had a funny dream, You were wearing funny shoes, You were going to a dance, You were dressed like a punk but you are too young to remember”

Rodriguez- “Of the dreams we dreamt together, Of the love we vowed would never”

Starship- “And we can build this dream together”

Nick Drake “For the dreams that came, To you when so young, Told of a life , Where spring is sprung”

Ella Fitzegerald and Louis Armstrong
“Stars shining bright above you, Night breezes seem to whisper "I love you", Birds singing in the sycamore trees, Dream a little dream of me”

Neil Young- “Come a little bit closer, Hear what I have to say, Just like children
sleepin', We could dream this night away.”

Elvis Presley- “Love me tender, Love me true, All my dreams fulfilled”.

Elvis Perkins- “ cos when we're dreaming our babies grow the sun shines and the shadows flow time flies”

Wilco- “She appears in his dreams, But in his car and in his arms, A dream can mean anything”

Moloko- “On a promise, A day dream yet to come, Time is upon us, Oh, but the night is young”

The National- “You know I dreamed about you, For 29 years before I saw you”

Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston- “One can have a dream, baby, Two can make that dream so real”