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Homework at Hogwarts: part II

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This is an excellent playlist, really enjoying now as I work on finals. Thank you for making it :) One question: I'm fairly sure Track 3 is from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, but perhaps it's an original alteration I don't recognize? Just want to ask :) Thank you so much!

If you didn't smile like an idiot or even get mildly teary eyed when the Reunion of Friends came on you my friend are terribly deprived of basic human happiness

This has just an absolutely perfect mix of my favorite movie scores and unknown pieces as well. The Hogwarts mixes are my favorite and I'm often being forced to stop listening them by 8tracks

I loveit!It very relax for wrid and for lock yor falt in control becos it wenderful for you and me !!<3 ♡☆;-)!!