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ʀᴇʏʟᴏ: the musical


"Don't be afraid....I feel it too."


;; AU that begins just before TFA. rey is a kenobi here. force bond between them can be implied but nothing is said outright. mix includes a redemption arc/love story told through song for one scavenger and a knight of ren.

;; P L E A S E look at the annotations! refresh if they don't come up right away. i worked hard on them ^^;

;; chances are that if the next movie comes out and changes story things greatly i may adjust this playlist ( i had to cut songs for story reasons anyhow) or perhaps make another one but think of this as it's own fanfic for now

p.s. I'd also love to do a musical fanmix for stormpilot (maybe finnrey too?) but only if there is interest, so let me know if you want to see that as well, thanks !

20 tracks
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two of my favorites things; musicals and star wars. how you manged to put the two of them together-- so effortlessly, is simply incredible. one would think it wouldn't work, but you MADE them blend seamlessly together.

@eyreheights ahhhh thank you so much! they are two of my favorite things as well so i'm very greatful to hear you were pleased with it

**It, in the last sentence, meaning the fanmix!!! Just realized I worded it weirdly. Also I wish 8tracks would let me listen to this 100 times a day I NEED IT

I!!! LOVE!!! THIS!!! I LOVE THIS I LISTENED TO EVERY TRACK WITH GLEE AND ECSTASY OHHHHMYGOOOD!!!! I personally am so impressed and awed by these pERFECT SONG CHOICES and the detail you took to make sure there was a progression to their romance and to the overall story also and I can't see the annotations on mobile and I'M UPSET ABOUT IT and apologies if this comment is too much but I JUST WANT TO APPLAUD HOW GREAT IT IS AND SAY HOW MUCH I LOVE IT AND I'M SO GRATEFUL YOU MADE IT!!!!!!

@makeitpaisley omgggg no appologies needed your comment honestly made my day, thank you so much. it means a lot to hear you enjoyed it :,) and btw if you still can't see the annotations they can be read on my tumblr here too: http://kinjouu.tumblr.com/post/142080798458/%CA%80%E1%B4%87%CA%8F%CA%9F%E1%B4%8F-the-musical-dont-be-afraidi-feel-it

@The Impossible Scheme thank you !!! it may take a while for me to gather up the inspiration but it's quite possible I'll have a finnrey one in the works in the future

I could only see 15 tracks out of 20 so I feel like I missed out big plot points ;_; This mix really saved my day but aahh I'd like to get the rest 5 tracks too

@haikara oh no! playback errors to happen often with 8tracks :( usually just listening to another mix and coming back and/or a simple refresh will fix the issue in most cases.