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You & Me - A Hanna fanmix


post-movie Hans x Anna mix for those who like to make themselves sad by remembering what could have been

✿ - from Anna's POV
♕ -from Han's POV
♡ -from both

10 tracks
8 comments on You & Me - A Hanna fanmix

I fucking love this ship so much and usually no one understands and I have to bottle up my feelings BUT THIS MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER AND I LISTEN TO IT EVERY TIME I'M ROLEPLAYING HANS AND ANNA AND CRY A LOT.

I'M SO GLAD. Omg, that's exactly why I made this in the first place! Being a Hanna shipper/rper is suffering we all need to band together.

Glad you liked it! I'm fond of that cover as well but I wanted something a little more...firery? since most of the other songs were quite chill. c: