20 comments on you'll know, you'll know, the dragonborn's come by dreamyluna

Amazing! I was planning to get some writing done with this, but instead I'm sitting here just LISTENING. Simply love it.

This playlist is absolutely brilliant! A few new discoveries in here for me. Thank you for assembling this fantastic collection! Beautifully done!

@kikyosan98-819 thanks :) the music is mostly from the 8tracks library, so i dont own it, most of the soundtracks (ac, skyrim, got i think) are on apple music/spotify though so maybe you could get them there? :)

Sovngarde awaits!!!!.... Thank you for helping me out with this track list once again you masterpiece track craftsmen/women are honestly amazing

It feels like I'm adventuring in skyrim! but I'm really writing up a report which now just feels like an annoying mission to harvest ingredients. Thank you!