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Rest Up, Denton: Upcoming Shows


All of these bands will be playing shows at either Hot Wet Mess Music Festival or Rubbergloves in Denton, TX. Come out for some good tunes. Black Lips, Natural Child, High Tension Wires, and more.

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i love the song "nobody wants to party with me" by natural child. you didnt introduce me to the band but i didnt know about that album so thanks! i have to say texas has more of my favorite bands per capita than any other state in the country. hex dispensers, marked men and all the off shoots off that band: ie, potential johns & mind spiders are some of my all time faves. and something fierces second record is one of my favorite albums too! youre so lucky! to be so close to all this great music!!!

Yeah! The bodyswitchers album is so good, love that one. Texas does have some brilliant stuff simmering, but there are times I wish I could expand my horizons. Anyways, thanks for listening, and a huge high-five for all those bands you named.

No problem, Natural Child is indeed awesome! I think I've seen them four times this year (that has to be a record). Stay tuned, everything these guys release is pure gold.