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Smooth Beats


Some catchy beats, smooth, chill, a few upbeat mixed in. 20 tracks I am just feeling right now. Features J Cole, Kid Cudi, Aziz, Skizzy Mars, Wiz Khalifa and more.

19 tracks
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This is a really solid playlist. With the exception of some songs that are overplayed on my local radio, I like almost all the songs. Nice work.

I love the music but the lyrics are really hilarious.Like on "no limit",the chorus is litteraly "Smoke Weeeed ! Fuck Bitcheeees !" haha

«¤Young Superstars Tracklist¤»
1. Experimental- Big Sean
2. Party- SchoolBoy Q
3. Candles- Jez Dior
4. Look What I Came From- Dee Goodz
5. Hennessey At Cookouts- The Kings Dead
6. Mind Plays- Sky Rizzo
7. King Wizard- Kid Cudi ***

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