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to help with school jitters part 1


this is for the kid who gets worried for school and who seeks songs to express what they're feeling.

this is for the kid who has insomnia

this is for the kid who's afraid of school

hears to kids who wish they could escape their small town and run away

sorry this is very long but i just want to say something

to whoever likes this playlist and hits them hard because that's what they're feeling, i know that feeling. It maybe small or huge but i just want to say i love you and that you have to stay strong and go and kick some ass. if anyone needs a friend, im here for you.

playlist part 1 if anyone needs part 2 just write a comment down below:)

23 tracks
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I just logged into this account for the first time since I was 14. I'm gonna be 18 this year and hearing this playlist makes me feel..weird? idk if the person who made this is still on here. but, you got me through a lot when I was 14. thanks.

Not a super big fan of the music but combined with the notes I think I like you. Definitely helped/is helping with work!