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Great Black Music 3


Every single cut in volume 3 is sacred – many taken from rare vinyl, but that's really beside the point. This is just about the music.

It's sad that some of these artists have passed. We could never repay what they've given to us.

10 tracks
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Yes song for Christopher is where it's at. I had to listen to it a few times to start to get it. The ending is outrageous.

I'll put the other side of the vinyl on my next mix: "As If It Were The Seasons." I history teacher in 11th grade gave me that album and it changed my life. Went out to Chicago for college so I could be close to the AACM. It's just as beautiful today.

That's from Air Raid, which was an amazing record originally released in Japan on Trio Records. It, and it's sibling Air Song, are both available digitally and are both as good as it gets. Steve McCall passed away much too young.

Hope you enjoy Jarman's Song for Christopher if you haven't heard it. It's really close to what it sounded like to be in Chicago in the mid-70s.