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OHHH! Thanks for explaining that, when I Googled it all that came up is Helium... I am not cool enough to make GENU-INE creepy mixes AND know all the internetz slang... :( :( :(
Just kidding! Anyway it's OK, people on the internet can't always be as friendly as btrxz is!

I'm sorry you didn't like my mix :(

Just had a listen to the one you suggested, it sounds a lot creepier than mine. That's the thing though, isn't it? In our post-postmodern world, everything has been done before, and done better, but hey, a girl's gotta have fun somehow.

I guess because I am very lyrics-orientated, that even if a few of my songs don't 'sound' creepy, they are very creepy for me personally. E.g. the Aborted song because it's about Patrick Bateman (creepiest person ever?), the Slowdive and Pink Floyd because they're about being all alone and losing your mind, The Residents because it is about someone who is so lonely that they genuinely think Nigerian scammers (/spammers) are their friends, etc.

On a side note, what does HE3 mean?