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tracing his butterfly


edit; sup my swaggest hommies. anywho, i thought of a idea so i can please all of you (◕‿◕✿)

i'm going to make a whole harry series of mixtapes of different categories. so comment and example like:

mixtape of you cuddling
mixtape of you dancing
mixtape of you blah blah bleh

so yeah it would help if you comment
and i'll make imagines too

i'm going to edit this mix too, add more songs change it make a imagine

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omg the kiss me rain version is just cutedvskadyskcjd i canjt onfg skegsoaogevbscjdhd thank you jesuss i want harry in my bed right now

Hi! please check out my mix "guitarists finger faster" I really want to get it to gold (100 likes) so like it maybe? thanks .xx