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how did the universe come up with you

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Really great sounds. I am an independent acoustic artist/songwriter. Some of my songs may be suitable for your how did the universe come up with you playlist. Follow the links on my profile for free downloads..thanks for listening :)

I've loved your playlist since september last year, It was great, but i don't understand why would you take songs off the playlist? it used to have some spirited away soundtracks and Bridge of khazad Dum as well, in my opinion it was better that way!

@Rodrigo_ramrz i haven't taken off any songs, those tracks were on soundcloud and i think the people who posted them deleted them, sorry !! but i know what you mean, i might be adding some more songs though c:

I came back to this track after about 6 months, and I just... melted. The music leeched all the tiredness and awfullness of the last few days right out of me.