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i might be nervous


8 songs for women i have loved and do not regret loving, featuring LoveLikeFire, Austra, and Data Romance.

(cover image is from documentation of Beili Liu's Encirclement: http://www.beililiu.com/06_07/encircle.html)

  • La Familia (Mirah cover by Patty Chung)
    if we sleep together will it make it any better
  • Cargo by Data Romance
    let me hold some of the weight for you
  • Clair de Lune (feat. Christine Hoberg) by Flight Facilities
  • Shoot the Water by Austra
    shoot the water, baby, i've been found!
  • Please Don't Stop by Carina Round
    so push your fingers in come on and touch my frightened heart
  • I'm Happy But You Don't Like Me by Asobi Seksu
  • Everything Must Settle by LoveLikeFire
    everything must die, everything must settle
7 tracks
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