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Intense Studying mix


An intense studying mix that help me focus.
It's more upbeat than most I have listened to. It's mostly dubstep, and with absolutely no lyrics whatsoever.
I hope you like it!

Sorry the mix was down for a bit. Several songs are gone from 8tracks database and others have come in in their place. Not too much change, the playlist is still over an hour. Have fun! (17/03/2015)

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I mostly listen to calming classical music when Im revising but right now Im struggling to stay awake writing essays so this playlist is perfect for making sure I dont snooze!

Well, there have been some changes since 8tracks stopped allowing to have more than 2 songs per artist. a song by Feint and another by Lindsey Stirling were taken down. Moreover, I've noticed some songs were missing so I've added others to get the playlist back to over an hour. I hope you like the new sound of it (not that different, but still).