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KTP Mashups


  • Avicii,Katy Perry Mash Up by KRAFTER official
  • Heart Awake (DJ Baylazz Mash-Up) by Demi Lovato vs. Katy Perry
  • mashup) by LMFAO vs katy perry (German Ibarra
  • Ellie Goulding + (E. T. by Starry Eyed
  • up) by Last Domino Night Jessie J ft. katy Perry (mash
  • Beauty and a Friday Night (Justin Bieber+Katy Perry) Mash-up by EVBDj
  • My First Mash UP... Katy Perry with Vanilla Ice by Natalie Cash
  • Skrillex & Katy Perry (Mash Up) by Shanth666
  • Katy Perry MASH UP ET (dubstep style remix) by SeanLong
  • Jessie J & Katy Perry Mash Up by Bugsss
  • up) by 'Fire the Psycho Social Worker.' (Slipknot/Katy Perry mash
11 tracks