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didn't anyone tell you?

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One twelve-song playlist that will forever make me think of finnickxjohanna.
I hope you enjoy. (Don't cry too much.)


Finnick's face lights up. "Johanna!" he calls, and runs for the red things.

"Finnick!" I hear Johanna's voice reply.

  • Your Ex-Lover Is Dead by Stars
  • Call It Off 55250 by t0liveandletg0
  • Broken Bones by Aqualung
  • Darling, Your Lover by Loch Awe
  • Together We Will Live Forever (Clint Mansell, The Fountain Soundtrack), iGrand+Audiobus+Audioshare by Michael Tyson
  • I Can't Make You Love Me/Nick Of Time By Bon Iver by Taylor Scott 1
  • One More Night (Stars) by arianachachacha
7 tracks