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Dudewheresmypie's Destiel Songs


A playlist of over 50 songs from the Masterlist of songs that remind us of Dean and Cas, made made with the help of my followers! You guys are the best <3 [There are a few of my own additions near the end!]

See the 100 Song Masterlist here: http://dudewheresmypie.tumblr.com/post/83538768280/a-collection-of-100-songs-that-remind-us-of

Enjoy! [Note: I had to slightly adjust some names so that my versions would upload, just an FYI!]

50 tracks
4 comments on Dudewheresmypie's Destiel Songs

@svancarek thanks for the rec!! I'll be sure to check it out. I think it might be time to make a second playlist, I still get recs from people on my tumblr all the time. xx

Whoa. Just wow. This playlist is so good and has introduced me to so many talented artists. Plus Destiel feels. So thank you.

@rebecca4allison You're welcome, so glad you enjoyed! It was so much fun to put together, people sent in some great recommendations :) There are a lot of songs I'd never heard before, either. There are actually a lot more songs that you can check out using the link in the description of this playlist xoxo