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a resistência

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Ha I realize that was a totally pretentious sounding comment! By "probably know what you're doing" I meant "obviously know what you're doing". :p

@Samuel_peterson Yeah me too! It's the best, really. :) I guess my big take-away is what an interesting and important album Construção is and what a brilliant and subversive guy Chico Buarque. Like...seriously brilliant! And how not a whole lot seems to have changed socioeconomically in Brazil since the 60s/70s (a familiar trend here in North America too...)

@katcosmonaut It was actually an article I read a little while back that prompted it. Can't seem to put my fingers on it right now though. :(

This is really exceptional you guys! Thanks so much for putting it together. I have a good Brazilian friend who is a flaming communist...I've contacted him for some opinions on these tracks. I dunno you guys probably know what you're doing here but if I come back with anything interesting I'll share! :)

You guys sure did your homework! Top picks and the iconic Marginalia poster as cover. I believe Chico Buarque (my personal favorite mpb artist), was never a tropicalista and was even unfairly dubbed as one of the movement´s enemies. The track you´ve picked "Construção" - is, however, a clear tropicalist, protest song. And it has the most beautiful lyrics.

@RabidRod I am currently obsessed with the Buarque tune and have another mix coming very soon with many versions of it. The arrangement, the lyrics... so bittersweet and epic.