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Absinthe Bar on Neptune


For me my glory is an
Humble ephemeral Absinthe
Drunk on the sly, with fear of treason
and if I drink it no longer,
it is for a good reason. - Paul Marie Verlaine

This auditory wormwood is in honor of @storygirl, @Samuel_peterson, and @redbatrecords, three brave astronauts lost in deep space en route to Neptune due to excessive absinthe consumption. Don't be sad, it's how they would have wanted to go: hallucinating upside down in the anti-gravity chamber.

"Ageless are the diamond sands that stretch across this heaven shore...
With a quill in hand, this poet stands by Neptune's realm forevermore" - Oksana Rus

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5 comments on Absinthe Bar on Neptune

My main concern was your safety. Now that that battle is won, the world of panda grooming has really broadened its horizons! All hail the absinthe!!! Here's to good health and images moving, even when they shouldn't be. I've decided to instate myself as the imagination tamer

@funnyeskimo92 after reading through this, i don't think your imagination can be tamed. you must have a strong batch of wormwood there. hope you don't mind sharing ... :)

@funnyeskimo92 Well I'm glad you asked. Panda grooming is no joke: these suckers have razor-sharp fanged mandibles, complicated stylistic demands, and foul tempers! Luckily for me, they are serious absinthe drinkers. It keeps them docile.