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Tardigrades are an ancient species originating on a ultra light liquid planet. Found in one of the oldest galaxies Abell 2218. It was here uninhibited by a strong gravitational feild, they grew to be over 342m. Being curious and intelligent species they sent out their young to explore. Many colonies where successful finding new liquid planets. Some where not and the oldest of the tardigrade colonist was never heard from either way. These where the tardigrades that where unlucky and found earth a planet with a heavy gravitational field that kept them tiny (in there space travel stage). On Earth they where trapped,ignored, alone, and scared.

It was not until the 1960s earth time that scientist began to study them. The tardigrades where found everywhere on the planet in ever nook and cranny. Emitting a sonic pheromone that the scientist could not figure out was detected, in 1984 the tardigrades where taken into outer space for testing. Many amazing thing where discovered, one they can serve in space for days... and that the pheromonal hum they emit went super sonic...

Sending a cry,scream, plead for help to their mother planet, It was heard and called the ancient tardigrades to come find and rescue the lost colony on planet Earth. Look out earth the tardigrades are not happy and wield magnificent power...

Here in these sounds. The epic is told!

Battle With The Invisible Monster: The ancients hear the cry for help by the lost colony.
Wingless Birds: The debate of the earth fate is had. Information of the humans brutal, greed redden, and petty history is revealed and their fate is sealed...
Imperial Attack: Through congress the decision to destroy such a sad species is made. With heavy hearts and enraged minds The Ancients set out for earth to save the lost colony and rid the universe of such a deprived species.
Shadow of Death: As The Ancients inter earth’s solar system. The humans scramble to prepare for what fate has brought upon them- Destruction!
Get Up To Kill: The Ancients first assault is on the global communications. rendering it useless and all lines of communication are down. The humans find themselves isolated, scared, and alone.
Rage Template: Unleashing a relentless brutality like the history of man upon man. The Ancients begin a wild destruction of man’s “so called” civilization.
Popper Warrior: thorough, methodical, possessed, and ceaseless. The nearly deranged onslaught continues until nothing human is left?
Spraycan Attack: Completing the decimation. The Ancients call to the lost colony. As The Ancients traverse the Earth collecting all the tardigrades. They wonder and regret what needed to be done. The annihilation of the human species.
Goodbye Monster: The Ancients and the lost colony depart. The monster (man) holds on still- tenacious. What have they learned?
V: V is for victory but is there ever victory in war? Have The Ancients been scared by this act. How heavy is the responsibility to do what is right even when what you do is wrong?

a-ha! thank you for revealing the wizard(s) behind the curtain... great job to you both, really stellar stuff. remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books? kinda reminds me of those, kinda fun in that way somehow, i dunno :)