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Baron von Boswachter


Monkeys like to stay clean and groomed. That is why one monkey always has another one to do a barber's job. The barber monkey gets paid in the form of bugs from the customer's coat. Give and take!

Monkeys are also known for their table manners. They never eat the banana without peeling off its skin.

This formal evening on the town with the Baron brought to you by Samuel_Peterson and Conjuror. We sincerely hope you enjoy it.

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3 comments on Baron von Boswachter

This is perfect for my mood (which is sort of like a drunk mimein a world where everything moves a little faster than it should, and safety is not a concern)

Couldn't have said it better, Samuel. Thanks for your contribution to the series @ErrorMalfunction , your comments are the perfect finishing touch to these mixes.