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Doom of the Northern Gods

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1) Valhalla
The majestic Hall of the Gods and the slain warriors in the realm of Asgaard.

2) Odin
The sly, the wise, the magician - Ruler of Asgaard, father of gods and creator of man.

3) Freyja
Lady of Divine Witchcraft and Goddess of Beauty and Fertility.

4) Loki
Shapeshifter amongst the Gods and Jötnar, God of lies and desceit and father to the world serpent Jörmungandr that will bring upon the end of the world, Ragnarök.

5) Baldr
The beautiful Prince of Asgaard, God of Righteousness and harbinger of Ragnarök

6) Balder's Death
Killed through Loki's wily plan. Pierced by an Arrow of mistletoe, the only thing that could kill him, he goes to Hel.

7) Hel
The gloomy, down-cast ruler God of the vast underworld realm. She, who receives and later attempts to resurrect Baldr.

8) Thor
God of thunder and destruction, protector of mankind. Wielder of the mountain-crushing hammer, Mjöllnir.

9) Jörmungandr
The gigantic Midgard Serpent, encircling the world by biting its own tail. As Ragnarök is upon the World, she emerges from the ocean, poisoning the sky.

10) Ragnarök
War of Gods and Doom of the world. Thor defeats the Serpent, his arch enemy, but falls dead from her poison. All gods, jötnar and humans will end...

11) The End
Without the support of the World Serpent the world sinks into the vast sea and is consumed by it.

12) Rebirth
A new world is born from the sea, on which it is foretold that Baldr be reincarnated and man will emerge anew.