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G l i d e


Airwaves washed us through the wind | no hopeful voice unsung.

Dreams of life and truths mentioned | gracing each moment’s tongue.

Awake, alive, afloat anew | we journeyed past the sun.

Adrift with cause, our peace ensued | as gliding soundwaves spun.


70 minutes of ambient and peaceful selections to glide along with.

Brought to you by @StandingBear and @AWakingDream

http://earrhythmsinc.tumblr.com | awakingdreamer.com

17 tracks
3 comments on G l i d e

Oh, this is lovely! I particularly appreciate the gif, because I like to keep my playlists open on one half of my screen and the little touch of movement helps me focus more. Thank you! ^^

Simply wonderful :) Stunning taste in music you have here. This is perfect (even for studying in med school, where it's a real challenge to find music that disturbs only the silence, but not the concentration). Keep it up guys!