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It Must Be Santa


Guess who came to visit?

[This playlist is included in an 8tracks official collection. Follow @themed-collections to find an amazing selection of Christmas and Holiday songs. Check out Themed Collections in the forums to participate.]

Snoop Doggy Dogg + Run-D.M.C. + Rev Run & The Christmas All Stars

(Left under the tree by @redbatrecords & @storygirl for the 8tracks family. Unwrap it carefully...)

15 tracks
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@storygirl @Btrxz but that would just make Santa a martyr, which is exactly what they want! "he died for your presents, so you have to worship him"

one more thing: he's too fat to fit on a crucifix.. so, why not just put poison in the milk & cookies? then you can feed him to the reindeer and take out Rudolph while you're at it. would that make you feel any better @Btrxz ?