Is this playlist safe for work?


4 comments on Kingpin

I honestly don't see what the problem is. Who cares how many people created this mix, stop whining and enjoy it. If you want to make a collaborative mix then do so. I didn't make this mix, but I did create another 'solo' mix via duewets. Just shut up and enjoy the music.

Ya. any solo mixes here say that the creator can't participate enough to create their own platform so they have to piggy back off the work of others. So you're saying you like being a parasite instead of a host? The whole idea of this space is to work with the 8tracks community. That's why it's an open space. That also means, you know, other people. Put your solo mixes on your own profile. It may be a good mix but if it's only one person it equates to masturbation. Around here, we rub it out in groups so when they grow big enough to show to others please come back. With a friend. Until then - piss off.