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Luh Yoo


"...and if I deceive, she won't take it lightly.
She'll invite me, politely, to fight G.
And then we lie together, cry together,
I swear to God, I hope we fucking die together."

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Please tell me there some Mos Def coming...either way great goof mix. :) @sidekick, you know I don't always listen to rap, but when I do, it's always Double-Cross. Stay thirsty my friend.

"we can make war or make babies" still one of the best lyric parts ever! The whole mix brings damn good memories to me... you 2 are awesome! Thank you...

Before I go to the trouble of looking it up, I'm going to go out on a limb here (putting my knowledge of both hip hop history and popular culture to the test) and say that I'm pretty sure that was the first hip hop song ever to win a Grammy.

Now that I've done some research, it appears that DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince hold that distinction with "Parents Just Don't Understand"...but that song did win a Grammy...and it's still fucking good. So there!