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Strange how a Nils Frahm inspired us the start of a very different type of playlist. Anyway, this is a beautiful example of a deep research in the musical jungle. Thank you

The mix is almost as eerie as the grotesque dandy portrayed by ojimbo. But in a very good way. As strange as it may appear it reminded me of a candomblé ceremony I watched in Bahia in 1998. At least until the Slidecamp track. Perhaps I would have added some psychedelic rock too - e.g. some early Pink Floyd or even Roxy Music - but, hey, it would become much more predictable and I couldn´t possibly point out any possible flaw to such a creative and (musically) educated pair:)

I know for a fact that I just got way more credit than I deserve for my participation in this. ;)
To be honest, the image kinda pulled us both in a couple of different directions, but ultimately I think it guided us to a satisfyingly unsettling end.
Happy to know that you share that sentiment!