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Old And In Your Face v.3: Too Cool For You Electronic Music.


GO Away!!! This music is too fuckin' cool and intelligent for you!! Created by musical geniuses you've never heard of like Metic, Bichi, and Gel-Sol.

10 tracks
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That shit is just mental mumbo jumbo to make idiots feel good about themselves. Because there mommie isn't around to swaddle them!! -Waldorf (the cute round one)

My apologies! I forgot you were old and anything written with correct spelling and proper grammar is confusing as result of your deteriorating mental acumen!

Now let me be sure to say this in language you can understand:

Aint nothing "cute" about Waldorf!!

Oh and Jim Henson called from Heaven, he told me to remind you... you're a fucking puppet!

*TCH* How bourgeoisie... You hear that? That's the sound of me completely dismissing whatever it is you're on about. Please. -Statler

Wait, why does music have to be "intelligent"? That's just a trumped up genre label that doesn't really have any substance. Does that mean that other music is not intelligent?

That's EXACTLY what we're saying you philistines. Look, just because your aren't SOPHISTICATED enough to "get it" doesn't mean me and Waldorf are wrong. God, I don't know why I even bother trying to educate you "people". -Statler

You try typing with these fingers, you twat. Think your all that with fancy Cantabrigian words. BTW I am a God dam Muppet not a puppet you TOOL! One last thing being a Muppet tautologically makes you Cute! - Waldorf (the really cute round one)

Exactly! Just throw down some words and stuff, say things, put some IN ALL CAPS even. No matter what, I can't stop thinking about the guy (or gal) pulling the strings putting words in your mouth. OMG I will pray for you & wish for consciousness!

Consciousness another fallacy drudge up from the minds of half mutated monkeys. Highly overrated and a lie look at your species they are the true puppets. At least we are what we are cute Muppet that are true to our creation, being assholes (in our case). So here is something for you to chew on. Grow a pair and acknowledge the fact that your species is vial and an atrocity to nature. What a mistake!

What is going on here. I can't spell or do gramatix for shit and I don't understand why everone is so niqerz in a bunny here. Lets chill and have a big groupon HUG!!

"Puppet" is an epithet and I won't stand for it! We prefer the accepted term "fabricated american" thank you very much. I knew you were uncouth posers. -Statler

haha - j/k - it's just the innnernets!

I got under the puppets skin tho.


--The White Spy

no really J/K!

hey Waldorf & Statler, I'm sending Janice up there to go down on you two... that is if you still can "get wood"

get it --- "get wood"

oh wait, maybe you prefer Pinocchio

Love your IDM mix baby.

I hate labels and people and Muppets not getting along. We need to move on towards a moodmat movement where "Promoting ongoing discoveries of music outside the artificial placed around and through it by commerce" and any other artificial boundaries is not tolerated. See here: www.moodmat.com. I wish there was a hate this mix button! I am the creator of this place and I am greatly sadden by what I am seeing here :( Shame on us ALL!

I refuse to listen to this mix, based solely on the fact that it isn't on the "hot" page. I bet there isn't even any dubstep on it. I NEED DROPS!

Win? What you win I am a huge Anus who has nothing better to da than try to out quick a couple of old cute and head full of stuffing Muppets. Yea way to go! Oh yea you liked the mix? Why thank you, that means a lot to us coming from such a forward think beatician like yourself
. Glad you made as a DJ and don't have to work as a tech jocky or something like that. You should be proud of yourself!!
J/K -
Waldorf ( the super cute round one).

yea and its not skin its Antron Fleece do you know anything about Muppets obviously not! and I like plushies BITCH!!

Yea that what the masses say when they don't get it. Now Go move your car before you get another ticket you moron! and No thanks for you for listening. I hope your charade of liking what just befell your peanut brain makes you feel smug and better than people you will see walking around your city or town. Live the lie your better than everyone else cause your in the cookie cutter world of music. Better yet just go back to Pandora you goof!!- Waldorf (the cute round one)

IDM should be banned from 8tracks. Its not nice to make people feel like Idiots ( i don't get it) and those comments. I was not breast feed as a child and have been though years of therapy to work my way through it and to see those comments set me back a few years and a few thousand dollars!. This is a Outrage! Fuck you Old and in your face people who ever you are FUCK YOU FUCK YOU AND YOUR MOTHER'S TOO!!