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Hipster Metal


Because god damn, this site is full of hipsters. 13 great tracks from artists such as Mastodon, The Pax Cecilia and Between The Buried And Me. You can also prove you're a hipster by disagreeing with my selection of tracks, if you want.

13 tracks
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What's with all the labels man? Why does metal have to be so carefully categorized into neat little spaces? Doom metal, Retro metal, Thrash metal, NWOBHM, Hipster metal -- it is all ways to divide and disorganize lovers of metal. If you love metal, then all this separation shouldn't matter. If you can headbang to it, it should be fine, no matter what. Fuck categorization and order, long live the heavy! Long live the power! Long live Metal!

Hipster metal label is just a joke lol. The rest of them just help people find what they like! Different strokes for different folks, ya know? Everyone can't love everything... But yes, everyone should love metal! \m/

@crazykratos10 I fully agree that it shouldn't be taken too seriously, as Duffluc illustrates here. It can be useful to quickly describe how bands sound to friends though ^^