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I came to 8track to delete my profile after all these years. I saw this mix up top and couldn't do it once I started playing fear of the dark. Even though Spotify/Apple Music has taken over, I think I'm going to let my profile be here for sentimental reasons.

I don't know what a DeeTee is, but we had the 99% of the SAME list to drown our hammered selves back in our college in Pune.. Been 2 years now :') That disturbance at the end of Lazarus, I always thought in college that it was my downloaded track that was flawed but still raped my ears with it.. Today it brought back immense nostalgia and a sense of longing. Much love, letting the Old Monk flow on this chilly tonight and the first cheers will be to you.

@The Melodious Minion DeeTee was the heart and soul of Manipal. Anyone who walked through the corridors of the manipal has spent a hazy night under DeeTee's roof.

trust me this is the best way to reliving manipal days... my frnds from all over the world have appreciated this playlist! thank you for this amazing collection of our memories!

Amazing, just amazing! So any memories came rushing back. Each of these songs have a special place in my heart, reflecting a particular state of mind. It's like I relieved all my pains, heartbreaks and the hardening of my rigor samsa.

@duhdoi Brilliant compilation! Brings back so many memories... For those of you on Spotify, I made a copy over there. Barring artists which aren't on Spotify (AC/DC, The Beatles), it should cover most of the songs on this list. Thanks again! https://play.spotify.com/user/vk.aegis/playlist/6mCPffYvKHoqPlYG6mGeCE

@duhdoi you have no idea what that place means to me ( I have manipal tattooed) .. and these songs just take back to that zone.. as I saw it change.. from the kc wall to the every point and circle that lil place has! cheers indeed

three days and still working through the playlist. my perfect lab companion. i was smiling until Friday (goldspot) came along. Then, absolute bliss, Such an overwhelming emotional roller-coaster of friendship, love, pain and euphoria. DeeTee, Manipal and those four years :-D

@rashmi.rajshekhar Thanks for the succinct summary Rashmi, so glad it's bringing joy to so many people! Manipal (& DeeTee) were truly special :D