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Hall of the Fallen

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Great list - I'm a huge fan of the show and these songs fit perfectly. And now there are several new bands I'd love to listen to - I especially enjoyed Enslaved and Corvus Corax. Arkona is great as always, and I loved that fact that "Matkan Lopussa" was included - such a great, epic song! Thanks for sharing this excellent list :)

@dumannios Thank you so much! Enslaved usually has a very different sound but their album RIITIIR is one of the best I've heard in a long while, so definitely check that one out. Corvus Corax is more of a medieval sounding band but their lyrics are often based off Norse mythology.

Thanks! Yeah, I know. There's also some more celtic centered bands, but what mattered the most in this mix to me was that they would all have the same sound and I hope I succeeded in that.

Btw toen ik naar de naar "de hal der gevallenen" luisterde begreep ik toen pas dat jij van Nederland komt. Wel ik heb zes jaar in Beldie gewoond, tis tof om nog eens iemand Nederlandse liedjes op 8tracks zien plaatsen!

Wow ik had niet zo snel verwacht nog meer Nederlanders op deze mix tegen te komen! Leuk zeg! :D
Ik denk wel dat t bij Heidevolk blijft, zoveel goed hebben we helaas ook weer niet haha