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No velvet had ever felt so fine


A mix for fans of SanSan who need touching elements in a rough enviroment.

I'm quiet nervous to upload this actually since I am aware that my music taste isn't always accepted that easily.

Full tracklisting here: http://queensansastark.tumblr.com/post/88400799659

9 tracks
3 comments on No velvet had ever felt so fine

oh my god. this is absolutely perfect. i was actually looking for an indie- or instrumental sansan mix, and i clicked on this because i really liked the title (it's one of my favourite sansan quotes). but then i saw the first song was by wintersun, and i immidiately fell in love with this mix. i think it's quite original and very interesting that you desribe their relationship with such 'heavy' songs, because their story is not about flowers and happiness. it's armor, tears and blood. and this mix fits their relationship perfectly. thank you so much for making this! <3

This is without a doubt the best comment on anything I've ever did, you describe EXACTLY my thougts about this mix. And to think that I was so so nervous to initially post it since it IS so different from what most people make and the genre is not always so easily accepted, but it's gotten so much positive attention. I just never would've thought that would happen and it really motivates me to keep looking for more songs so I can make a second one. Thank you so so much for this comment!<3