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Over the Cuckoo's Nest


The soundtrack to my own personal descent from child abuse to suicide attempts to alcoholism and then through rehabilitation and finally onto recovery. This playlist runs the gamut from Mr. Johnny Cash to Method Man. It's the closest I could get to my story as told though music.

32 tracks
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WOW, it seems that you've got a huge story in this life, i really wish that your pain is released now, that everyting you've passed trough has teach you the right lessons to enjoy your day and live each moment as the best of your life. A lot has been given to us, starting with life.
"Once again i think about all my little adventures,
i think about my fears, those who seemed so big.
I had to fight to achieve everyting i wanted,
nevertheless there's only one thing that matters,
the only thing indeed,
to live for being able to watch the new dawn and the light filling the world"
Inuit prayer.