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Land of Glow and Diamonds

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@marikunin Land of Relief and Hemlock! The land is utilized to calm down a beings mind when they are over stimulated and their head feels like static. Multiple times a consort can be seen eating hemlock sap candies, burning hemlock pines, and drinking boiled sap as well. However eating the sap from a hemlock kills the tree. The new hemlocks have been planted are evolving by producing a poison sap to fight being extinct. The quests revolve around protecting the consorts, listening to their customs and trying to artificially select un poisoned hemlocks and reproduce them. The air is always cool, and the sky is tinted teal and peach. And wow sorry I kind of rambled there. And yeah Your land is so cool!!! The low gravity was such an awesome detail. I also love the details of the consorts that was so awesome too.