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Alternia: The Cursed Empire


A tribute to the many trials and tribulations of the Alternian Troll with a song for each part.

Featuring instances of; Dragons, Zombies, Pirates, Demons, Elder Gods, Vampires, Queen Troll Nicki Minaj, Monster parents, Cults..[cut.] Dead bug babies, The casual manipulation of an entire world to murder, Apocalypses, Unreached paradise, death, and a very unfortunate video game.

Art belongs to: Yoccu, Skepticarcher,Momo/Fayghost/Gamzee, Paperseverywhere... (more credits to come)

46 tracks
4 comments on Alternia: The Cursed Empire

This playlist blows my mind every time I listen to it. I could 100% this being the soundtrack to a Ancestors movie. Like I can actually see the scenes and plot and dialogs and just ugh. It's really really good. Good job!

Why have you not been hired by movie directors for the creating soundtracks? This... this is incredible! I can actually imagine how this would go in a movie, like the Story of the Ancestors. This should be a movie with this as the soundtrack.

@deuslux Truthfully, that is much of what inspired this. I love Alternia as a setting and how I long for an Actually Good movie/Tv mini series of the Ancestors Story and all the horrible life aspects of these awful aliens. I'm glad you enjoyed it and got a good solid imagined-movie out of it like was intended.

This mix is absolutely sick. I have listened to it about 10 times already and I decided to leave a comment to show my appreciation!
Keep making mixes because all of them are amazing!

@SusansBlackEye Thank you! Alternia's just such a great setting, I wish it had been explored more. So I figured, why not do it myself? I'm glad to see others enjoying it too.