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Welcome to Snake hands.


A Playlist for Yahiro Mizuchii from Durarara SH. I'm so very happy alot more people have been reading these books now that the anime is over! And Yahiro's my Son, and I've been inactive for awhile both on my tumblr and here and I apologize and give you this!

Hope you like it!

Feel free to ask for requests or suggest songs to add on playlists!!

9 tracks
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glad someone made a mix for the Precious Child and this is awesome for real it contains some songs I'd have thought of putting on and others I've never heard before which is what I love. lmao Yahiro is such a cinnamon roll

@minorirrelevancies I love this little Cinnamon roll! I really hope we start getting more fan art and stuff like that for him! He is so wonderful! And thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the songs! Some of them I wasn't to sure about but then I decided it worked alright so I added ^^' So I'm glad you enjoyed!