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love you to pieces


"And how would we want things to go?"

Sorta follows their progression throughout Season 1 to their much-dreaded tragic end as you listen, I suppose? I don't know, that's what I deduced after my first listen through and they make my heart hurt and I miss them ok

6.02.2016 EDIT: So this has been sitting as a private mix for... idk, going onto two years now, I think? I haven't made any new changes to the tracklist or whatever, everything's still the same, the way I left it. I just thought I might as well publish it and get it out of the way instead of deleting a completed mix. Anyways, the songs are goooood, so enjoy! Note that this was made prior to Season 2, though really, it's a mixture of both the show Frary and their real life story, I suppose.

15 tracks