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never love anyone the way i love you (or francis & mary: season 3)


"You must love again."
"I will never. I will never love anyone the way I love you."

A Season 3 compilation/fanmix.

Rest in Peace, Francis! I'll probably cry over you and your wife for the rest of my life. And Mary, bby, you are so strong. Do not let Laurie McCarthy trash you around. Again. (My heart breaks knowing what awaits her historically, and it breaks even more when I realise her fate on the show still lies within Laurie McCarthy's hands. I want justice!)

I'll leave you with the last few lines of Mary Stuart's Ode to Francis II:

"I shall cease my song now
My sad lament shall end
Whose burden aye shall show
True love can not pretend
And though we are apart
Grows no less in my heart"

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3 comments on never love anyone the way i love you (or francis & mary: season 3)

@JustSadAgain Aw, no problem! I'm glad it's helping you cope with it. I know making this mix helped me a little in dealing with his death (even though I seriously doubt I'll ever be over it - ya know, favourite male character of all time and all, lmao).

@sunsetdandelion I can definitely try for you! It's been a while since I've included a download to a mix but yeah. Do you have a Tumblr? That way I can easily notify you or you can keep an eye out when I add the download link to the original post. :)