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a perfect match


// we're a perfect match, perfect somehow
we were meant for one another, come a little closer //

a victuuri playlist beCAUSE IT'S ACTUALLY. CANON. i can't believe this.
(on a side note i edited the cover art myself it was so much work lmao)

12 tracks
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@retro.x It's not too much to ask at all! ^u^ Although doesn't it show the names of the songs when you play them, so you can search for them on itunes or wherever you want to buy them?

@durinsday It does, though I have to replay the entire soundtrack in order to write down the songs and since don't have the Plus subscription, I have but one hour of free music per week. Of course I don't mind spending 45 minutes relistening to this soundtrack (yes, I love it that much!), I'd rather save the time for more playlists I've collected.

@retro.x Ahhh I totally see your point. I'll comment with the tracklist under this then, but I'll delete it as soon as you got it so like once you answered to this comment; so if somebody doesn't want to see the tracklist in advance when listening to the mix they won't see it.~

@retro.x 1. Fire Meet Gasoline - Sia; 2. Dive Deep - Andrew Belle; 3. Better - SAFETYSUIT; 4. Phoenix Hearts - We The Kings; 5. Thinkin Bout You - Aaron Krause; 6. Burn It up All Night - Sweet Talker; 7. Cant Sleep - 80kidz feat. Jhameel; 8. How Much More - Stars; 9. Glowing In The Dark - Cider Sky; 10. Islands - Hey Ocean!; 11. Medicine - The 1975; 12. Love - Noosa

When Viktor said he would return to competitive skating, he didn't realise how much of a challenge it would really be stepping onto the ice and remembering all his personal tricks. Was it left, right? No, it was definately right, left. Damn, I forgot, didn't I?
It was a mix of frustration and exhaust for five hours before the Russian decided to retreat for the day. His night would take a turn as he entered his room and found a CD in a simple case sitting on his bed, a folded note taped to it. His eyebrows furrowed as he tossed his coat aside and sat on the bed, drawing a breath slowly and unfolding the note.
In a very familiar handwriting, he found 'I'm not good with words, so I made this.'
Yuri was so imcompetent sometimes.
Viktor only chuckled at this, though, and rummaged around his room to find his laptop, carefully pushing the CD inside the player.
He shut his eyes and let it play as he relaxed his body after such a stressful day, letting the sweet notes sing him to sleep.
"It's dangerous to fall in love, but I wanna burn with you tonight..."

@durinsday Haha, no problem! This playlist is truly amazing and covers all the little references from "life and love" to "getting down on one knee" and I cried a little. I couldn't resist but write this to show how much I truly appreciate this. Please make more YOI/Sherlock/SPN playlists!