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8 - track C

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thanks for this, i really appreciate it. no steve roach, but it's an excellent suggestion. i'm happy to meet someone else who has had prior interest in these artists.

This is a very solid mix of the people who are making outstanding black ambient that can be used for ritual. All the cuts are superbly spooky. The only thing I didn't especially care for was the very rhythmic part of the Bad Sector cut. But I realize this kind of sound is very common in dark ritual music. The beginning of the Bad Sector cut is spot on -- real spooky. I didn't get to hear the mix all the way, so I don't know whether there was a Steve Roach cut. That would be welcome if it's not there. As an introduction to this kind of music, I think this is an outstanding mix and will let listeners know exactly what the music's about. Good work.